In today’s fast paced society, stress and anxiety are an everyday occurrence and can impact virtually every aspect of your health and wellbeing. Including work, relationships, mental health, physical health and more. Just look at the statistics for the health and lifestyle effects of stress:

·    43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects due to stress.

·    75-90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints or disorders.

·  Stress has been linked to all the leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis, and suicide.

· Stress is said to be responsible for more than half of the workdays lost annually because of absenteeism.

For years, stress and/or depression have been suspected of increasing the risk of contracting numerous infectious diseases. In addition, there is mounting statistical evidence that increased levels of stress and depression also correlate with an increased incidence of cancer.

If a stressful situation goes on for too long without any relief, you may feel tired, irritable, depressed, or anxious. You may have trouble sleeping or eating, or you might experience diseases and disorders, such as: headaches, insomnia, kidney diseases, colds, ulcers, asthma.  And finally, there is strong statistical evidence linking stress and depression with death itself through heart problems, heart attack, and/or stroke.

Avoid and relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety brought on by today’s fast paced society with natural stress and anxiety relief alternatives such as exercise, nutrition and herbs. At LifeWellness Wholistic Center that’s what we help you do through nutrition and our various energy medicine therapies and protocols. These include;

1.     Wisdom system alignment/realignment

2.     Nutraceuticals, Vitamins and Minerals therapy

3.     Herbal Remedies

4.     Hormonal Balancing

5.     Mind-Body Therapies and Protocols ( Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, NLP, Chakral Healing etc