The Divine Connection

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Light to you all our brothers and sisters,
What is your health worth to you? What would you do if you could add 20 to 50 years to your life? What might a slim and trim figure mean to your personal self-esteem and confidence?

What would a life full of energy, joy, less stress, and no physical challenges mean to you? What is your over all health worth to you?

Without your health all other things in your life, your family and friends, your goals and dreams, your successes and accumulated wealth, along with your spiritual journey will not reach their full potential.

Optimum health is priceless. At LifeWellness Centre (LWC) our protocols and therapies are designed to help you achieve optimum physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. ‘’ Good Health’’ cannot and should not be measured only in physical terms. Your joy, serenity, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health work together to ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE and LIFE TO YOUR YEARS!!!

The vast majority of diseases and physical ailments are caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices, whether they are unhealthy diet, emotional imbalances, work-induced stress symptoms, hormonal imbalances/changes and unhealthy sleep patterns. Our experience at LifeWellness Centre has taught us that disease conditions dramatically improve with lifestyle counseling, natural remedies, and wholistic lifestyle changes. The focus of our wellness centre is helping you create the conditions to enable your body heal ‘’wholistically’’ not only the disease or medical condition.

Our consultants, who have combined wholistic health practice experience in excess of 100 years, have found out that our remedies and treatment protocols (some dating as far back as 6000 years ago) have an 85-90% success rate.

The only side effect to our protocols and therapies is GOOD HEALTH.

At LifeWellness Centre (LWC) we see all our clients as our divine reflection. We thus view our role in your health as a collaborative one, helping you determine your best next step toward your deepest level of totally vibrant health. We want to be your advocate for total long-term healing – as naturally as possible and starting as soon as possible.

We look forward to helping you achieve your life’s goals, which can only be accomplished through healthy lifestyle changes!!!